Dominique Tiller’s style is the embodiment of laid back luxe. An opulent international aesthetic infused with an effortless Australian feel, designed to respond to our unique, sun drenched landscape and love for outdoor living. Thus, she favours natural materials and beautiful, layered textures to provide tactility and warmth to her classic, contemporary interiors.

Dominique has garnered a reputation for her unique take on refined luxury for the residential and commercial market, specialising in top-end hotels and commercial holiday retreats.

“I thoroughly believe that our interior spaces and the environment we live in have a huge impact on our sense of well-being and happiness,” she says.

Dominique works closely with her clients to create spaces that not only reflect their personality and design sensibilities but also help to restore their sense of balance. She achieves this by attempting to engage all the senses not only through the use of warm, tactile materials like stone and timber and high quality, natural fabrics like linen, silk and cashmere, but also with careful lighting design.

Dominique is an advocate well designed spaces that adopt time saving devices. These low maintenance environments, she believes, allow the client to get on with living their life, rather than spending time tending to it.

“My aim is to create resolved, functional and innovative design solutions to suit each client,” she says. “It is all about establishing what is most important to them, how they live their lives, and what, ultimately, brings them happiness and enjoyment.”

Dominic Tiller